The tournament

At Blue Balls, enjoyment and fair play are key, therefore teams of any kind, level and country are welcome to join. We welcome both women’s and men’s teams and have an Old Lads team who are always in for a game! We play 15-a-side union rugby (but we’re flexible, if you can’t bring enough players we’ll just play with less of mix and play!) There’s also room for touch rugby games this year!

The festival takes place at RC Delft’s fields, starts Friday afternoon and ends Sunday afternoon. Friday evening we’ll take you into town for a pubcrawl, some beers and fun. Saturday will be the main gameday. Nothing is as good as a bunch of food, drinks and music to reward yourself for working hard on the field! So Saturday afternoon the BBQ will be on, there will be live music on stage and there will be plenty of beer. On Sunday we’ll take it easy: maybe a few more rugbymatches, maybe some fun games without a rugbyball involved. It all depends on you guys!

1, 2, 3 May 2020

Rugby Club Delft has been hosting Blue Balls Festival for more than five years now, and our goal is to make it more memorable each year. That’s why we decided to team up with our fellow Delft-rugbyclub SRC Thor this year, to make the festival even bigger and better!

In the past years we have welcomed teams from all over the world, all the way up to Libanon. We would love to have your team there! In 2020 Blue Balls Festival will take place from the 1st till the 3rd of May.

Here’s an example of what our festival’s timetable could look like (but to be honest, it will all depend on how many teams, the weather, etc.)