Fee’s and practical info

We would like to keep the entry fee for our festival low: you pay €70,- per team. 

As for accommodation: possibilities are countless, depending on your preferences and budget. We’ll help you find the best option.

We do have seven big army tents on our festival terrain. You can use one for your team for free, but the rule here is: first come (or first subscribed, in this case), first serve. There’s also enough place on our premesis to put up more big or small tents. 

As for transport: Delft is an hour train ride away from airport Schiphol, and about fifteen minutes away from Rotterdam/The Hague airport. We can help you sort out the way to get to our rugbyclub, our help you arrange a bus to take you.

As for food: You can’t play, nor party on an empty stomach. Therefore we make sure there’s enough food around our fields. We can arrange breakfast on Saturday and Sunday for your team at a low rate. On Saturday, we have our traditional BBQ. You can buy a BBQ token for €10,- and we’ll make sure there’s plenty of meat on your plate.