The tournament (Anniversary edition!)

Blue Balls Festival is a small but super social 15-a-side rugby festival in Delft, the Netherlands. It will take place on 3 and 4 May this year (2024), with option to sleep over after the party on saturday (until the 5th).

Set up of 2024

At Blue Balls, enjoyment and fair play are key, therefore teams of any kind, level and country are welcome to join. We welcome both women’s and men’s teams of different levels and ages; there is even a colts game (16-18yrs) and an old lads match! If you can’t bring enough players we’ll just play with less or mix and play so do not make that a reason to stay home!

What will we do on Friday?

  • Womens 10s festival
  • Exhibition match 15 a side
  • Welcome party for the teams
  • Silent disco

What do we have on Saturday?

  • Mens 2nd division festival (8 teams, 7 games of 2×15 mins)
  • Mens 4th division festival (8 teams, 7 games of 2×15 mins)
  • Womens Cup (4 teams, 5 games of 2×15 mins)
  • Touch Tournament
  • Game of the Colts
  • Veterans (Old Lads)
  • Playarea for kids
  • Horeca area (food and drinks)
  • Sport and games for visitors
  • Jubilee party with bands and a disco

Feel welcome!

In the past years we have welcomed teams from all over the world, all the way up to Lebanon. We would love to welcome your team at Blue Balls Festival during the first weekend of May 2024!