Practical info


A deposit of €100,- is required for registration. Upon arrival, €50,- will be returned to you in festival coins. This means that the costs for your team to participate are only €50,-!

We also offer the option for single person entry for smaller groups. The entry fee per person is €5,-.


Possibilities are countless, depending on your preferences and budget. We’ll help you find the best option.

Option 1: bring your own camping gear and camp at our festival terrain for free! Showers are availible next to the camping terrain.

Option 2: sleep in an army tent with your team. We will set up several army tents on the festival terrain. One tent accomodates 20 people. You can hire a tent for €300,- per tent, air matresses can be provided for €10,- a piece. Sleeping bags not included!

Tent for 20 people to big for you? You can also pay per sleeping spot, at €25 per spot in a tent, or €35,- per spot including air matress. Keep in mind that you will share the tent with other festival visitors in this case.

Option 3: hostel/hotel in Delft. We listed a few options below:

  • Hampshire Hotel: this location serves you to all your luxurious wishes. You will find it in the city center. For more information, check their website!
  • The Social Hub Delft is a community hub for travellers, locals and students. It is located in the city center and only a minute away from the station. You can book a place to stay for around €65 per night. For more information and a more accurate price estimate, give their website a visit!
  • Westcord Hotel: looking for a spot that is a bit more quiet than the sparkling city center of Delft? You might want to check out this venue! This place is located just a 15 minute walk away from the pitches of RC Delft. Check them out here


You can’t play, nor party, on an empty stomach. We will make sure there are enough food and drink stands at the festival site*. More info for bigger meals will follow once the date comes closer. Questions? Let us know!

*There will be vegan and vegetarian options!

Transport to Delft

Delft is an hour train ride away from airport Schiphol, and about fifteen minutes away from Rotterdam/The Hague airport. You can reach out to us for help in making arrangements.