About Rugby Club Delft

RC Delft is the only non university affiliated rugby club in Delft, founded in 1974. The club has a full youth division and four senior teams. The first team plays in the second division of the Dutch rugby Board and our second team plays in the fourth division. Delft also has two ladies teams, one of them playing in the ladies first division. And last but not least Delft has a veterans teamcalled the Evergreens playing only social rugby.

Take a look at our club’s website here. 

About Delft

Delft is a town between Rotterdam and The Hague. With 110.000 people living here, a lot of tourist attractions and loads of good pubs, there’s never a dull moment. We’re most famous for being the town where Willem of Orange was shot dead, forthe Delft Blue Pottery’s, and, of course, our delightful rugbyclubs. 

Our club is only a ten minute walk from the city centre. You can expect a good pub crawl while you’re here!

This is ‘the Old Jan’, our famous, lobsided church.